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Self Fabricated 3" Exhaust

Installed the LR Headlight Duct (see here). The duct comes VERY rough.
Modified the headlight shell to allow cold air to the MAF filter
Another view showing a clear air path via NACA ducts

Purchased vinyl stripes from local auto wrap company for $200. I purchased the material and had them cut it into six inch stripes.  I had to purchase a minimum amount of material and therefore I have enough stripes to do several cars. Applied  using sprayed water technique (see here).

Applied 1" masking take down centerline and used it to guide stripe placement.
Finished stripes turned out excellent
Had a machine shop mod my header panel as shown.  Used Oz951's car as a model.
Applied stainless screen purchased from Home Depot.
Finished header panel turned out nice!

The 968 replica spoiler came with no real instructions and it was pretty rough out  of the box.   I spent a quite a bit of time sanding and filling surface imperfections.   I used screws to mount around the bottom of the hatch and 3M Window  Weld (urethane 08609) to attach the side molding.  I applied essentially  nickel sized “dots” of 3M WW about every six inches.  It worked great and I have had no issues with it.

Not a bad result for a replica I bought off Ebay for $189 plus shipping




















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