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2.85L Hybrid Stroker Engine Build

I love the idea of developing reliable, large displacement motors at a reasonable cost.  This build is based on a design developed by Sid McMullen. The motor will be used mostly for street use with occasional track days. I had some very high goals for the build:

- 400 rwhp/400 ftlbs torque at 6200rpm
- Near k26/6 bottom end performance
- Total cost under $4200 for everything, including my "High Flow" head

- Using 86 Block, dry sleeved, bored to just over 102mm, half filled
- JE Small Block Chevy Pistons, Forged 4032
- Eagle 150mm Mitsubishi Rods
- 86 2.5L crank, offset grind, 86mm stroke, cross drilled
- Compression Ratio is 8.1:1
- ARP Head Studs
- Cometic MLS Head Gasket
- ACL Race Rod Bearings
- Crank Scrapper
- Stock Cam
- MoCal 13 Row Additional Oil Cooler, 235 mm

2.5L Block
Cast Iron Dry Sleeves, Block Half Filled with Moroso Block Filler
Eagle Mitsu Rods, JE Small Block Chevy Pistons
Modified Rods to Use 0.927 SMC Wrist Pins
Assembled Rods and Pistons
Gapping the Rings
2.5L Crank Off-Set Grind to Produce 86mm Stroke
Small Mitsu Rod Journal Size
Crank Scrapper
Filled Block to Stabilize Cylinders
ARP Head Studs Torques to 87 FtLbs
103 mm Cometic MLS Head Gasket
Checking Valve Clearance
Nearly Completed with Engine Assy
Completed 2.85L Motor
LR Semi-Solid Engine Mounts
Engine Bay Before Cleaning
Engine Bay After Cleaning
Getting Ready to Install the Completed Motor
Finally Back in the Car
Ready to Go


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