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Current engine view
Engine as is looked when I bought my 951
Garrett TO4E DBB Turbo with old K26/6 Turbo
Installing the Garrett Turbo
Modified alternator shroud to allow clearance for the turbo
Rogue M Tune
Rogue M Tune MAF installed
M-Tune MAP Sensor (www.roguetuning.com)
M-Tune Chip Board Install in the DME (www.roguetuning.com)
Tial 38 mm Wastegate and Stainless Steel Adapter Plates
Matched Set 80 lb High Impedance Fuel Injectors
Zeitronix ZT-2 Data Logger Display Mounting Location
Zeitronix ZT-2 Data Logger, mounted in the glove box
Stainless Steel Fuel Lines, View 1
Stainless Steel Fuel Lines, View 2
New vacuum lines, nifty vacuum line technique from Lindsey Racing
After installing the new turbo, head gasket started leaking
Had head cleaned, valves checked, new valve seals
Installing new head gasket no small task, took about 20 hrs
Installed Saturn Exhaust Studs so Exhaust can be removed wo removing the head
Decided to run without the belt covers
Added a Tial Wastegate Spring (small yellow)


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